As a club without premises, The Architecture Club meets four to five times a year in various locations. The programme includes the annual winter party in January, a spring supper debate, summer trip, autumn supper debate, study trips abroad and architect led building tours.

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V-tour of Narbo Via Museum with Spencer de Grey

Monday 4 October 2021,

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The 2021 (better late than never) Summer Party

Monday 27 September 2021,

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04OCT : Narbo Via, Musée de la Romanité. Virtual tour of Narbo Via with Foster + Partners. Once a vital Roman port, the city of Narbonne in southern France has an impressive legacy of buildings, ancient relics and archaeological sites. The Narbo Via is a new landmark at the entrance to the city, on a site adjacent to the Canal de la Robine.

09NOV : Autumn Supper Debate

Physical Building Tours (TBC)

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Centre Building

Monday 26 July 2021,

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