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Michael Squire, May 3, 1946 – May 4, 2023

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Wednesday 10 May 2023

Michael was such an important part of the life and soul of the Club that news of his death came as a massive shock.

Michael Squire, May 3, 1946 – May 4, 2023

The grandson of J C Squire, the founder of the Club in 1922, and son of Raglan who was an Hon Secretary in the ’30 and ‘40s, Michael was proud to continue the family link. He was an active member of the Executive Committee and kind host of the Annual Party in the Upstairs room at his splendid office in Brixton.

Michael was quintessentially a London architect, from the ordered streets and squares of the Great Estates to the vibrant and diverse community of Brixton, he has left an indelible mark on the capital.

His architecture was contemporary but contextual, respecting the rhythm and scale of its neighbours while creating a strong and identifiable presence. His ‘white period’ is perhaps his most distinctive style, the deft handling of stone totally at home in Mayfair, Chelsea and the South Bank yet also transferred successfully to the Middle East in the Msheireb development in Doha. Michael took on the tricky Chelsea Barracks project, working initially with Dixon Jones. He won over the local community and delivered a powerful piece of city that sits comfortably with its Cadogan and Grosvenor neighbours.

He was hugely energetic and entrepreneurial. When the practice decided to move from King’s Cross to a somewhat off-piste location in Brixton Michael the impresario created such a destination from the Department Store that West End clients were happy to journey to south London to admire the exemplary retrofit. Michael engaged wholeheartedly with the local community and the project became a beacon for the regeneration of the heart of Brixton.

I remember well a Club dinner where Michael was due to speak. Although he was booked for a procedure in the morning, he insisted, against advice, on going ahead. As he rose he leant over and whispered “I’m not sure this was a good idea!” Although he was in some discomfort he pressed on and the audience were none the wiser. For me this summed up Michael’s true grit, affection for the Club and love of a good party.

He will be sorely missed.