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2019 Mid-Year Review

Club Review | Lynne Bryant, Hon. Secretary

Wednesday 17 July 2019

Having passed the longest day The Architecture Club is being reflective and considering our future enterprise.

We're aware that many members are unable attend all of our events or regularly dip into the web site. This catch up is to keep you engaged with past events as well as glimpse into future plans.

You will see from the event archive below that the Club has had a busy first half year!
We also had our first Summer Party in June, this proved very popular despite the rain. This will be an annual fixture in our calendar.

The membership changes while hovering in number around 310. We continue to aim for a membership of diverse professions, encouraging a new generation and always maintaining our high standard of quality and character.

If you have suggestions for new members within this criteria do contact me or any other member of the committee.

Our next committee meeting, where we will review potential new members, will Monday 2nd September, please submit any nominations you may have by close of day Wednesday, 28th August.

In the pipeline:

Global warming and a possible environmental catastrophe

Potentially the basis of the next debate which will be scheduled for October.

If that's just too much to contemplate there is always the annual winter party to look forward to.

It's your Club and we are open for your suggestions and help including with 'back of house' visits, and subjects for debate.

Lynne Bryant
Hon. Secretary